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Swalaha Nansamba – Age 7

Swalaha needs a sponsor!

Birthdate: 2/02/2005

Swalaha’ father, Mr. Hamis is a staunch Muslim, has been bedridden for over several years due to a chronic disease making him incompetent of providing his family with any basic needs. The mother Mrs. Fatia is also a mere peasant farmer as her only source of food. She approached Canaan for help after realizing that her healthy stand is in question. It is due to this that Canaan came in to secure a future for this young girl who is psychologically tortured.

Swalaha is interested in being a judge when she grows up. Her favorite colors are yellow and pink. Her best subjects in school are math and science. She loves to read books, sing and dance!

Suggested Sponsorship: $99/mo

Sponsorship Levels: $29, $49, $99

Sponsorship Status: Swalaha is not currently sponsored

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