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Maria Nakabugo, 12 years

Maria needs a sponsor!

Birthdate: 12/03/03

At Canaan since 2011

Mariam’s father died, however the reason for the death was not clear. Later the mother tests HIV Positive. Unfortunately, she also did not live long, so she died too. Mariam was left behind with a step-mother, who mistreated her and made her a slave, usually on an empty stomach. Sometimes, neighbors gave her something to eat as she worked hard at that tender age. With the help of the village councilor she was identified, sought for assistance in Canaan, and brought to Canaan.

Maria enjoys reading and her favorite subject in school is English. Her favorite color is red. She wants to be an accountant when she finishes school. She enjoys playing net ball.

Suggested Sponsorship: $99/month

Sponsorship Levels: $29, $49, $99

Sponsorship Status: Not sponsored

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