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Jane Ndagire – Age 9

Jane needs a sponsor!

Date of Birth: 04/10/2006

At Canaan’s sinceĀ 2010

Jane is a total orphan whose parents died of HIV/AIDS in 2009, leaving her in the hands of her Grand Father George Kayondo who was sickly and jobless. He could not provide the basic needs to his grand-daughter Jane and through Local Council 1 Chairperson Mr. Koyango Sulaiman, as a community leader, he raised the concern and ask Canaan to take care of Jane.

Jane likes to help around Canaan’s by cleaning & mopping. Her favorite subject in school is English and says that when she grows up she wants to be a nurse. Her favorite color is red!

Suggested sponsorship $99/month

Sponsorship Levels: $29, $49, $99

Sponsorship Status: Not currently sponsored

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