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Gideon Mutebi – Age 13

Birthdate: 01/09/02

At Canaan since 2005

The community and church leaders asked Canaan Children’s Home to take Gideon, reporting that he was conceived as a result of a tragic rape by the mentally ill man while Gideon’s mother worked as a house maid in Kampala. They reported to Canaan that the child’s father now lived eating garbage from trash bins and that the mother has a chronic and debilitating disease making her unable to take care and support Gideon.

Gideon likes to sing and play drums. He is very smart! His favorite subject in school is science and he is very good at explaining functions of the human body. For instance, he demonstrated one time how white blood cells help fight diseases and explained how blood circulates throughout the body. Obviously Gideon hopes to be a doctor someday and we think he’ll make a great one! His favorite color is red.

Suggested Sponsorship: $99/mo

Sponsorship Levels: $29, $49, $99

Sponsorship Status: Currently sponsored at $50/mo

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