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Enock Namugema – Age 18

Date of birth: 9/29/1997

Enoch was brought to Canaan on 26th May 2007; both his parents are disabled and can’t do anything to earn a living. His father was a businessman, he was involved in an accident where both his legs were paralyzed, the accident hurt his back as well, he is so helpless with no help, Enoch’s mother has cancer she is also down and at death point, and the children have been out of school and starving. Enoch wants to be a farmer and a father when he grows up, he is a lovely boy, humble and friendly, his favorite food is posho and beans. We thank God for his life. His guardian is Francis Kamya.

Knock likes to learn about the environment. He wants to be a doctor someday. His favorite sport is soccer and color is blue. If he could tell the world one thing it would be to always trust in the Lord! We say, “AMEN”, Enock!

Suggested Sponsorship: $99/mo

Sponsorship Levels: $29, $49, $99

Sponsorship Status: Currently sponsored at $50/mo

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