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Betty Nanteza, 7 years

Betty needs a sponsor!

Birthdate: 12/30/08

At Canaan since 2010

Betty’s father died of cancer after he had suffered for a long time and coasted him his land and all assets he had to pay for medical expense. Betty’s mother who was left behind in a terrible building that was very old and weak with holes all over. She died due to a snake accident at night. Betty was left in the hands of Pastor George who came for help in Canaan Children’s Home. Betty was traumatized up to today. She is still living in isolation and fear, but Canaan has tried it best to ensure she forgets the past.

Betty’s favorite color is black and her best subject in school is English. She loves to play with her friend Leticia and she dreams of being a nurse some day. Betty has so much energy and enthusiasm! She can be quite feisty, but she is a precious little girl who is impossible to forget with you meet her.

Suggested sponsorship $99/month

Sponsorship Levels: $29, $49, $99

Sponsorship Status: Not currently sponsored

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