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Anna Nantale – Age 9

Birthdate: 04/20/06

At Canaan since 2010

Anna’s mother is alive, but the father died of severe chest pain and cough (T.B) on the in 2006. Annet was left in the hands of the mother, who was just a house wife and did not have any activity for sustaining the home. With the increasing need from the children, she tried to cultivate and work for people to make a living. But with the alarming condition, Harriet called for help from both her local church and the local authorities who justified the need to help Harriet or else the child would die. When the pastor through the local councils contacted Canaan, Anna was brought to Canaan. She is very happy, healthy and friendly. We as Canaan are very proud to have Anna.

Anna loves to sing and to pray! Her favorite subject in school is math and she wants to be a teacher some day. If Anna could tell everyone one thing about herself it’s that she loves her family.

Suggested sponsorship $99/month

Sponsorship Levels: $29, $49, $99

Sponsorship Status: Currently sponsored at $40/mo

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